Auto Leakage Tester

Better care for your scopes

By alerting you to existing leaks in your flexible endoscopes, the SHA-P6 Automatic Leakage Tester helps to avoid costly repairs.

The SHA-P6 Auto Leakage Tester is specifically designed for use with PENTAX Medical flexible endoscopes to avoid costly service interventions associated with undetected leaks.

Intuitively Simple 

Intuitively Simple

Default pressure setting, automated pressurization cycle, and air release reduce the risk for human error and potential risky variability within the reprocessing process.

Space saving and mobile

No need to have large space available in the reprocessing room, due to the handy format of SHA-P6. With the re-chargeable battery, the automatic leakage tester is usable in several stations without power connection need.

Optimized economic outcomes

Lowers overall repair costs, improves scope utilization and prevents downtime as a result of the optimized, automated process capability.

Specifications can be found in the Auto Leakage Tester SHA-P6 fact sheet.

Download the fact sheet