Boosting endoscope reprocessing 
to enhance patient safety
and hospital efficiency

The fastest endoscope drying and storage, ever

The PlasmaTYPHOON™+ is an ultra-fast drying unit for endoscopes. It works together with the PlasmaBAG™, a single-use device for active storage with plasma. The PlasmaBAG offers safe storage for up to 31 days.1)

The PlasmaTYPHOON+ and PlasmaBAG system dries and stores endoscopes faster than any other system, ever.

  • Ultra-fast and complete drying
    in just 1-3 minutes2)
  • Ultra-fast storage 
    in just 5 seconds2)

If you want to know more about the origin of the PlasmaTYPHOON, the PlasmaTYPHOON+ and the PlasmaBAG, learn more about PlasmaBiotics here:

About PlasmaBiotics innovations

The PlasmaTYPHOON just got even better

The original drying and storage innovation, thePlasmaTYPHOON, was introduced to the market in 2019. See what’s new with our premium solution, the PlasmaTYPHOON+.

Inspired by PENTAX Medical Triple Aim
PENTAX Medical Triple Aim Clinical Outcomes

Enhancing hygiene and patient safety

Accelerated drying for EUS scopes in just 3 minutes2)

PENTAX Medical Triple Aim Experience Satisfaction

Boost hospital efficiency and traceability

Full traceability and connectivity to hospital networks and data management systems

PENTAX Medical Triple Aim Maximum Value

Maximising productivity in endoscopic reprocessing

  • Intuitive touch panel with guided process control
  • Improved embedded automatic validation with integrated alarms
  • Connector tubes can remain attached between drying and storage cycles, accelerating turnover time and reducing the need for additional maintenance

PlasmaTYPHOON+ and PlasmaBAG System
Small dimensions – unlimited capacity

PlasmaTYPHOON+ PlasmaBAG system

The PlasmaTYPHOON+ and PlasmaBAG system boosts your endoscope reprocessing to enhance patient safety and hospital efficiency:

  • The PlasmaTYPHOON+ for complete drying in just 1 to 3 minutes2)
  • Barcode scanner and RFID scanner to identify scopes efficiently
  • Label printer for full traceability
  • The PlasmaBAG offers safe storage for up to 31 days1)

Reduces drying times from hours to minutes

A specific airflow process ensures each individual endoscope channel is perfectly dried:


PlasmaTYPHOON+ PENTAX Medical Drying Process

Eliminates most of the residual fluid in the channels


PlasmaTYPHOON+ PENTAX Medical Drying Process

Evaporates the remaining droplets on channel walls


PlasmaTYPHOON+ PENTAX Medical Drying Process

Produces perfectly dried channels

Safe, mobile and space saving storage

The PlasmaBAG offers you safe and active endoscope storage with many benefits:

  • Prevents infection risks upon storage and transportation
  • Maintains disinfected state of endoscopes upon storage for up to 31 days1)
  • Labelled for traceability and safety check support
PlasmaBAG PENTAX Medical carbon neutral
  • Allows safe transportation of endoscopes from centralised reprocessing centers to satellite locations
  • Space saving storage of ready-to-use endoscopes with no restriction on the number able to be stored
  • Ensuring endoscopes are available anytime, anywhere

Sustaining the disinfected state with plasma

After the completely dried endoscope has been placed in the PlasmaBAG, the bag is insufflated with plasma containing ozone molecules. In conjunction with complete drying, the active storage environment in the PlasmaBAG ensures the disinfected state of the endoscope is maintained for up to 31 days1).

Caring for environment

The PlasmaBAG continuously improves its contribution to more sustainability:

trees planted for PlasmaBAGs in Q3 and Q4 20213)

CO2 compensated for in Q3 and Q4 20213)

Next generation PlasmaBAGs will be produced with 80% recycled Polyethylene, starting 2022. This will hold the German eco label 'Blue Angel'.

PlasmaBAG PENTAX Medical Carbon neutral sign

Carbon emissions in production are compensated for with a reforestation project in Togo, making the PlasmaBAG carbon neutral.4)

Makes reprocessing procedures easier and safer

Handling is optimised to make daily routines simpler:

  • Intuitive software guides procedure flow on a touch screen interface
  • Visual guidance and colour-coded tubing improve process flow

Full-blown attention for every move

PENTAX Medical PlasmaTYPHOON+ Alarms Traceability

The PlasmaTYPHOON+ provides additional support and safety in daily processes:

  • Automatic validation with integrated alarms
  • Full traceability with both printed and digital audit-ready data-records
  • Connection to hospital network and data management systems enables drying and storage cycles to be linked to patient data

PlasmaTYPHOON+ and PlasmaBAG system
Supports every department in your hospital or clinic

The system fulfills your departments’ needs and can help you to increase hospital efficiency. It supports physicians, nurses, reprocessing staff and hospital staff across a multitude of departments:

Emergency Room ER and Intensive Care Unit ICU


Immediate access to ready-to-use endoscopes thanks to unlimited drying capacity and storage for up to 31 days1)

Endoscopy unit in hospital or clinic


Reduced waiting times between procedures thanks to improved endoscope turn-around time and no need to reprocess endoscopes again after storage

Reprocessing unit in hospital or clinic


Efficient workflows 
with seamless and fully 
traceable processes

Satellite centers in hospital or clinic


Risk free transport between centralised reprocessing center and satellite locations such as Pulmonology, Cardiology, Urology, etc.

Hospital Management


Saving cost, space and time whilst increasing productivity

PlasmaTYPHOON and PlasmaBAG System
Ultra-fast drying and storage times

The system is fully compatible with all major endoscope brands.

Endoscopic devices Cycle time Channel Drying Cycle time Storage
Ureteroscope, cystoscope 1 min 5s
Bronchoscope, ultrasound bronchoscope (EBUS), nasolaryngoscope 1 min 30 s 5s
Gastroscope, duodenoscope, enteroscope, colonoscope 2 min 30 s 5s
Gastrointestinal ultrasound endoscope (EUS) 3 min 5s
Endoscopes without channels and transeophageal (TEE/TOE) ultrasound probes - 5s

What experts say about the system

Professor Rocco Trisolini
The PlasmaTYPHOON+ is the perfect compact solution for us, contributing to an overall reduction in time, cost and space needed. Being able to store the endoscope in the PlasmaBAG for up to 31 days, the endoscope is ready to use for our patients at any time.
Prof. Rocco Trisolini – Head of the Interventional Pulmonology Unit 
Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli Rome, Italy
Anne Marie Hillion
Since we have had the PlasmaTYPHOON+ and PlasmaBAG system, we have not only improved our reprocessing efficiency but also the hospital efficiency. With the improved endoscope turnover, we are able to reduce waiting times between procedures and therefore schedule more patient procedures.
Anne Hillion – Health executive for GI endoscopy & pulmonology
Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou, Paris, France.
Patrizia Porta
With PlasmaTYPHOON+ and PlasmaBAG, we can guarantee the safety of each patient in bronchoscopy. The PlasmaTYPHOON+ completely dries the scope and the PlasmaBAG provides a safe environment for endoscope storage and transport after reprocessing.
Patrizia Porta – Head Nurse 
Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli, Rome, Italy
Marion Peukert
Fast and efficient endoscope drying, contamination proof storage as well as documented evaluation are very important to us. PlasmaTYPHOON+ meets all these requirements. A high hygiene standard brings safety for our patients – and peace of mind for us!
Marion Peukert – Nursing Director Endoscopy Unit, Stauferklinikum, Schwäbisch-Gmünd, Germany
Danilo Fabretti
The system of PlasmaTYPHOON+ and PlasmaBAG gives us confidence to reduce the risk of infection for our patients. We are now able to transport the endoscope in the PlasmaBAG from the reprocessing room to endoscopy suite without risk of recontamination.
Danilo Fabretti – Reprocessing Operator
Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli, Rome, Italy

Why endscope drying is so important

Research and studies prove that drying is an essential part of endoscope hygiene, to minimise the risk of infection. See what makes it so critical for patient health and safety:

»Endoscope drying has been described as one of the most important steps in limiting bacterial proliferation and the risk of contamination during endoscope storage.«

Source: Saliou P, Baron R. Outbreaks linked to duodenoscopes: microbiological control should be improved. Endoscopy 2015; 47(11): 1058).

»The importance of this critical step in endoscope reprocessing should not be understated.«

Source: B. Perumpail et al. / American Journal of Infection Control 00 (2019) 1−7. Endoscope reprocessing: Comparison of drying effectiveness and microbial levels with an automated drying and storage cabinet with forced filtered air and a standard storage cabinet.

»Proper drying has taken a renewed importance in the context of endoscope-related infections.«

Source: American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Infection Control Summit: updates, challenges, and the future of infection control in GI endoscopy. Prepared by: Lukejohn W. Day, Karl Kwok,  Kavel Visrodia, Bret T. Petersen. August 2020 GIE.

»Before storage, thorough drying of endoscopes is necessary to prevent the growth of waterborne microorganisms.«

Source: European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Guideline
Beilenhoff U, Neumann CS, Rey JF, et al. ESGE-ESGENA guideline: Cleaning and disinfection in gastrointestinal endoscopy, Update 2008. Endoscopy. 2008;(40):939-957.

PlasmaTYPHOON+ and PlasmaBAG system
Independently tested

The PlasmaTYPHOON+ and the PlasmaBAG have been thoroughly tested by Eurofins Biotech Germande Laboratory having Cofrac accreditation. The system is certified to comply with the EN 16442 standard for drying and storage of flexible endoscopes, contributing to improved hygiene and patient safety.

Biotech Germande Certificate

Evaluation of the efficacy of a drying unit for internal channels of endoscopes based on NF EN 16442

Biotech Germande Certificate

Influence of a drying process on the evolution of the microbiological quality of internal channels of endoscopes

Biotech Germande Certificate

Evaluation of the ability of a drying and storage system to maintain the microbioogical quality of heat sensitive endoscopes according to a test method based upon NF EN 16442

LNE Certificate

IEC system for mutual recognition of test certificates for electrical equipment (IECEE) CB scheme

1) Validated for up to 744 storage hours (31 days) according to NF EN 16442 norm. The maximum storage time may be subject to local regulations on endoscope storage.
2) See technical data table above 
3) Equivalent trees and compensated volume of carbon according to calculation of L.E.S.S. FRANCE 
4) Until 2021, Project Togo has planted more than 1,500,000 new trees in total, binding approx. 400,000 tons of atmospheric carbon annually.