Hygiene Commitment

PENTAX Medical strives to continuously improve patient safety and infection prevention in endoscopy. That’s why we are continually innovating products, optimizing processes, and integrating feedback from the market.

By offering solutions like the DEC™ Duodenoscope and the PlasmaTYPHOON and PlasmaBAG System, we are reinforcing our strong commitment to these vital topics. But real change comes from understanding the landscape – and reshaping it. Which is why improved hygiene and safety are the pillars that support all our research and development.

We work closely with experts for market insight to ensure that all products are directly based on their needs. Then we innovate for even better clinical outcomes – because a commitment is nothing without action.

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Latest innovation

PENTAX Medical Europe launches premium solution PlasmaTYPHOON+ 


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Patient safety, Hygiene and Sustainability: Discussing solutions for today's challenges in endoscopy

PENTAX Medical is hosting their second online event, during which four key experts in the field will discuss today's challenges in endoscopy. The speakers will reflect on topics such as the Power of Choice in bronchoscopy, the importance of endoscope drying, the necessity and value of training, and sustainable endoscopy. We welcome you to participate in the breakout sessions and continue the discussion. Register now to make your mark on the future of endoscopic hygiene!
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PENTAX Medical Europe launches premium solution PlasmaTYPHOON+

PENTAX Medical Europe, a leading company in the endoscopic field, has obtained a CE mark for its new single-use bronchoscope – the PENTAX Medical ONE Pulmo. This innovative product provides high quality care without compromise in pulmonary care. The PENTAX Medical ONE Pulmo is a single-use bronchoscope with superior suction power and HD image quality.
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PENTAX Medical Europe expands product offering

PENTAX Medical is expanding its offering, to present clinicians and healthcare providers with the power of choice. The portfolio includes the PENTAX Medical ONE Pulmo™ single-use bronchoscope, and will soon include the Slim DEC™ Duodenoscope (ED32-i10; OE-A65), PlasmaTYPHOON™+, and PENTAX Medical DEC™ hygiene pack.
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Empowering healthcare providers with the power of choice

Providing innovative endoscopic solutions means understanding clinicians’ needs to optimally treat patients, based on their specific condition. PENTAX Medical provides a range of equipment to treat each and every patient in the most optimal way, in order to minimize the risk of infection.
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PENTAX Medical ONE Pulmo: the single-use bronchoscope enhancing pulmonary care

PENTAX Medical ONE Pulmo is a single-use bronchoscope providing superior suction and HD image quality to help improve pulmonary care. This single-use bronchoscope offers sterility whilst maintaining its high-level HD visualisation, broadening its clinical application beyond that of a standard disposable scope.
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Designed for PENTAX Medical 

Flexible endoscopes are still among the most complex medical devices. Maintaining the product quality is crucial, and requires using dedicated PENTAX Medical endoscope accessories. Our engineers’ dedication to the assurance of our endoscopes’ quality and optimal hygiene levels has resulted in specific hygiene-related products. They follow the DESIGNED FOR PENTAX Medical rationale to support you in:

  • Increasing confidence in the safety of the reprocessing outcome
  • Fulfilling compliance within hygiene departments
  • Control risk of infection and cross-contamination 

PENTAX Medical supports you with cleverly engineered technology and dedicated services. Welcome to a world where you will always find smart and sophisticated answers to your daily challenges.

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Hygiene is an important concern as it relates to patient’s safety. Hospitals have the task to ensure a safe environment.

Ulrike Beilenhoff, Former President ESGENA