Hygiene Commitment

PENTAX Medical strives to continuously improve patient safety and infection prevention in endoscopy. That’s why we are continually innovating products, optimizing processes, and integrating feedback from the market.

By offering solutions like the DEC™ Duodenoscope and the PlasmaTYPHOON and PlasmaBAG System, we are reinforcing our strong commitment to these vital topics. But real change comes from understanding the landscape – and reshaping it. Which is why improved hygiene and safety are the pillars that support all our research and development.

We work closely with experts for market insight to ensure that all products are directly based on their needs. Then we innovate for even better clinical outcomes – because a commitment is nothing without action.

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In our upcoming webinar on “Efficiency & Ergonomics in Reprocessing Workflow”, held in collaboration with ESGENA, we will deep-dive into how automation and innovative techniques can enhance workflows in endoscopy. Join us on next Monday, July 11, 2024.

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Our two experts reflect on minimizing the risk of infection in endoscope reprocessing, touching on pivotal topics such as the role of manual bedside cleaning, the risk of biofilm formation, how to trace a potential infection and the importance of training.

Episode #8: Minimizing the risk of infection in reprocessing with Ulrike Beilenhoff & Prof. dr. Marco Bruno

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We are excited that Dr. med. Florian Alexander Michael, from Frankfurt University Hospital, received a prize at German congress DGE-BV e.V., held in Berlin from 3rd to 5th April 2024, for his study ...

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Event recap – expert takeaway- The importance of manual reprocessing in an era of automatization

Prof. Dr. Marco Bruno discusses the difficulty of endoscope reprocessing and why innovative ways must be sought to continuously improve patient safety. Learn more about marrying manual and automized reprocessing steps.
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International Hospital & Equipment - Finding the balance: the sustainability journey of PENTAX Medical

How is PENTAX Medical becoming a responsible and accountable corporate citizen? By aligning with the SDGs and implementing new design principles. The journey to a more sustainable future has just begun.
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International Hospital & Equipment - PENTAX Medical’s AquaTYPHOON™ revolutionises cleaning of endoscopes

Harald Huber speaks with International Hospital about the importance of innovation in healthcare. He describes how the AquaTYPHOON™ is a game-changer with regards to improved efficiency, cost reduction and sustainability for hospitals and their endoscopy suites.
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Event recap – expert takeaway- Why should we care about green endoscopy? 

Prof. Sebastian discusses the coordinated and sustained efforts that are needed to address climate change, especially in the healthcare sector. Learn why green endoscopy is the future:
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International Hospital & Equipment- PENTAX Medical presents the AquaTYPHOON™

Paul Caesar and Daniel Vinteler speak about the AquaTYPHOON™, the new automated brushless solution for the pre-cleaning of endoscopes. They explain how this innovation addresses hygiene and sustainability challenges faced by healthcare providers.
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PENTAX Medical Europe introduces brushless solution for the automated pre-cleaning of endoscopes

PENTAX Medical has launched its new brushless solution for automated pre-cleaning of endoscopes: the AquaTYPHOON™. With this launch, PENTAX Medical takes the lead in standardizing the manual pre-cleaning phase for reusable endoscopes - promoting sustainability and infection prevention in the endoscopy suite.
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[Italian] Tecnomedicina - PENTAX Medical Europe launches new solution for automatic preliminary cleaning of endoscopes

PENTAX Medical has received CE Mark for its new AquaTYPHOON solution, a medical device used in automatic preliminary cleaning of endoscopes. Read the article from Tecnomedicina in Italian here:
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PENTAX Medical Europe to launch new solution for the automated pre-cleaning of endoscopes

In association with PlasmaBiotics, PENTAX Medical has gained a CE mark for its new, innovative automated device that provides an alternative to manual pre-cleaning of endoscopes – the AquaTYPHOON™.
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[Dutch] FMT - Product innovations to find balance between patient safety and the environment

In line with the ESGE and ESGENA position statement, PENTAX Medical is taking steps to make endoscopy more sustainable by reshaping its value chain. Patient safety remains PENTAX Medical's primary objective, against which the sustainability ambitions must be weighed up. Read the article from FMT in Dutch here:
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Expert sit-down blog series - Endoscopy trends in 2023

Ulrike Beilenhoff, ESGENA Scientific Secretary, shares insights on innovations and opportunities that already shaped and will contribute to further improve patient safety and infection prevention in 2023.
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Umweltbewusst mit dem PlasmaBAG ECO™

Der neue PlasmaBAG ECO™ für das PlasmaTYPHOON System wird aus 80% recyceltem Polyethylen hergestellt und wird mit dem „Blauen Engel“ ausgezeichnet. Er ist ein Beispiel für die kontinuierliche Entwicklung in Richtung Nachhaltigkeit bei PENTAX Medical.
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Get practical tips for the processing of flexible endoscopes for free

A successful use and processing of flexible endoscopes are important to minimise damages on endoscopes and maximise patient safety.
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20 years in Gastrointestinal endoscopy

Dr. Klaus Mergener, global chief medical officer of Pentax Medical, reflects on changes in GI medicine and offers some predictions for the future in the latest publication of the Clinical Services Journal.
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Expert sit-down blog series - Infection prevention in operating theatres

Dr Mariusz Skrzypczak, MD, Head of the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care at the Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery Center in Poznań, Poland, shares his clinical experience with PENTAX Medical ONE Pulmo™ single-use bronchoscope in the ICU.
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Clinical Services Journal - Advancing endoscopy with Blackbox Innovations

PENTAX Medical’s Harald Huber and Michael Unger discuss key trends and innovation in endoscopy, with The Clinical Services Journal. They highlight some of the key developments that are expected to advance endoscopy in terms of safety, productivity, and clinical outcomes.
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International Hospital - Empowering physicians with a range of innovative hygiene solutions

In endoscopy, hygiene is both a challenge and a priority. Harald Huber, Global Vice President for Product and Category Management at PENTAX Medical, emphasizes how important it is to provide physicians a meaningful mix of innovative hygiene solutions.
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Expert sit-down blog series - High quality pulmonary care with single-use scopes

Prof. Felix Herth, Medical Director of the Department of Internal Medicine and Pneumology at the Thoraxklinik Heidelberg, Germany, discusses his clinical experience with PENTAX Medical ONE Pulmo™ single-use bronchoscope and explains how potential vulnerabilities of cross contamination are avoided with this solution.
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The power of choice: offering the best clinical and environmental solutions for improved patient outcomes

PENTAX Medical is taking ambitious measures to make GI endoscopy more sustainable. Patient safety remains the primary goal of PENTAX Medical, against which sustainability ambitions need to be weighted. So how to balance sustainability goals with patient safety, all the while actually increasing patient outcomes?
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Driving innovation in endoscopy

Michael Unger discusses some of the key healthcare challenges driving innovation in the design of endoscopy hygiene solutions and offers an insight into the ways in which industry is striving to help improve sustainability.
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FDA Recommends Transition to Duodenoscopes with Innovative Designs

The FDA believes the best solution to reducing the risk of disease transmission by duodenoscopes is through innovative device designs that make reprocessing easier, more effective, or unnecessary.
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Designed for PENTAX Medical 

Flexible endoscopes are still among the most complex medical devices. Maintaining the product quality is crucial, and requires using dedicated PENTAX Medical endoscope accessories. Our engineers’ dedication to the assurance of our endoscopes’ quality and optimal hygiene levels has resulted in specific hygiene-related products. They follow the DESIGNED FOR PENTAX Medical rationale to support you in:

  • Increasing confidence in the safety of the reprocessing outcome
  • Fulfilling compliance within hygiene departments
  • Control risk of infection and cross-contamination 

PENTAX Medical supports you with cleverly engineered technology and dedicated services. Welcome to a world where you will always find smart and sophisticated answers to your daily challenges.

Welcome to the World of Intelligence.

Hygiene is an important concern as it relates to patient’s safety. Hospitals have the task to ensure a safe environment.

Ulrike Beilenhoff, Former President ESGENA